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Changing the Face of Professional Learning ~ EdCamp Style

posted Oct 26, 2015, 5:12 AM by wafflem@calhounisd.org   [ updated Oct 26, 2015, 7:16 AM ]
Submitted by Dr. Anne Thorp,
Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, REMC 7

EdCamp logo.jpg

Have you seen this logo lurking around your town or online? Has traditional PD got you down, Bunky? Have no fear, an EdCamp is sure to be near!  

What is this EdCamp, you say? EdCamp is a fast paced conference model constructed through the collaboration and wisdom of the attendees. With traditional conferences, sessions are set ahead of time. With the EdCamp model sessions are not determined until the morning of the event as attendees walk through the door. Session topics are decided by attendees so that everyone gets something to take with them, right back to their own role. Connections and networking happens on many levels all while having a wonderful time meeting new people and sharing tools, tips, strategies, possibly even figuring out what that next ‘new law’ might be. At EdCamp *everyone* is an expert with something to share!

Who should attend EdCamp? Anyone involved with education ~ administrators, teachers, parapros, students, legislators, counselors, to name a few. Many EdCamps also offer SCECH’s to attendees, a fabulous and effective way to get your continuing education credits on your own terms.

Here’s another awesome element about EdCamp ~ anyone can hold one! Large or small, attendees are sure to walk away with new learning, and new connections to add to their professional network. EdCamp sessions take place all over the world, with one sure to be quite close to your backyard. Check out the EdCamp page that has all the EdCamps for the year listed as well as strategies for organizing your own. Remember, at EdCamp *everyone is an expert!

To get an idea of what a Michigan EdCamp might look like, take a trip over to EdCampOAISD and check out the slideshow on the front page. Door prizes are donated by sponsors, many of whom are on the REMC $AVE Bid, you are using the $AVE Bid, aren’t you?

To find out if an EdCamp is being held new you or to participate in any REMC projects check with your REMC Director. Your director will be able to guide to all things REMC, including great savings on purchases, professional development opportunities, and resources to help meet your teaching and learning goals.