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Using Filters in a Google Spreadsheet

posted Aug 31, 2015, 10:41 AM by wafflem@calhounisd.org   [ updated Oct 26, 2015, 7:20 AM ]
from RITS Member Melinda Waffle,
Calhoun Intermediate School District, REMC 12E

Let's say a teacher is using a Google Form as a way to gather exit slips from their students each week.  They are faced with a dilemma - create a new form each week and deal with a whole bunch of spreadsheets, or deal with a single spreadsheet with a whole bunch of data. 

I would encourage the second route, and here is why. Filters.  Using filters you can turn the view-able data on and off, allowing you to see exactly what you want. 

Here's how to use them -

When looking at your spreadsheet, the filter is an icon of a funnel -

To use the filter, highlight the data you want to filter, then click on the filter icon.

This will cause the top row of data (which should be your header information) to turn color and add a little arrow next to each header -

Clicking on the arrow, you have several options.  The first is the ability to sort right there, in either direction -

The second is the powerful option.  It will have listed every entry choice for that field.  You can turn on and off the choices, so you can display exactly the data you want to see -

You can even set the parameters for multiple fields.  The arrows will turn to a funnel where you are using filters.

So, let's say I am viewing my data from exit slips and want to see all of them for a specific student - I can do that quickly with filters.  Or I want to see all of them for a particular date - I can do that quickly with filters.